Here We Go…

My wife and I just welcomed our first son, and while we care for him during his first weeks and months of life, I want to document our path to get here and what the future holds for our little growing family, specifically tied to our finances and investing.

I’m getting my first taste of Financial Independence during my 3 weeks of full time off as paternity leave (no alarm clock!) – although the diaper changes, feedings, and mid-night cry sessions aren’t making this a vacation. 🙂

After the first 3 weeks, I’ll begin working from home part-time and transition back into full-time work in the coming months leading up to the holidays.

My wife and I both work for the federal government. While we are unable to receive dedicated parental leave, we are fortunate enough to accrue enough leave, and roll it over, to take as much time off as needed to care for and bond with our precious new little one. Let’s just say I use my leave and my salary in a similar fashion – save first and spend strategically. After 9 years in the government, I currently have over 800 hours at my disposal.

I hope you tag along for the journey as I detail specific stories the helped transform my philosophies on money, spending, investing, personal finance, and any related topic, and talk about more big picture items that define how my wife and I live our lives.

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