Bathroom Build

We’ve been super busy knocking out our to-do list on completing our basement bathroom build. There’s more to come on it, specifically the financials of us doing it ourselves (with the help of my dad at the beginning), but for now, here’s a sneak peak of where it stands.

Our new house had an unfinished basement. We deliberately delayed finishing it until our “6 month” builder’s meeting, which only recently happened. My dad helped us frame the bathroom, set up the plumbing, and get the drywall up. Mr. ODA and I have worked on sanding the drywall (terrible job), priming, painting, laying the floor tile, grouting the floor tile, and laying the shower wall tiles (which unfortunately also entailed wall touchups and repainting). I still need to grout the wall tiles, hook up the plumbing, install a light, install closet shelves, and install baseboards. Hopefully the grout will be completed this week, so this is why I don’t have any new posts completed.

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